This page is how an article page about a book should appear. Please follow its example for any articles about books. Any article page that is about a book that does not contain any format similar to this page will be marked as needing improvement.
This area would contain a small summary of the book and any extra information that contains one or two sentences. Be sure to include the title of the book and its author.

Summary of PlotEdit

This area will include the plot of the book, though not exact, only a good lengthy summary.

List of CharactersEdit

Character's name - about character (keep it short)

Main Points and ThemesEdit

Self explanatory. e.g. - One of Icefire's themes is saving the ozone and arctic.


Artists that did pictures inside or outside of book and information about it.


Any bonus information about the book

External LinksEdit



References about information given and where it came from.