This article is about the dark fire itself. For the novel Dark Fire, see Dark Fire (Novel).

Dark Fire is the evil version of the Icefire. It is first introduced in The Fire Eternal, where it is shown to be a tool used by the Ix (evil Fain) to make a darkling. Lucy Pennykettle is forced to make a darkling out of obsidian and dark fire, but whilst making it she repeatlly thinks of good thoughts so at least some of the darkling wont be evil, as a result she had an impulse to leave the darkling without a heart so it is almost useless. In the end of The Fire Eternal, the sibyl Gwilanna shows great interest in dark fire, and steals a dagger of obsidian containing a dark fire spark which was previously Gwillan's fire tear.

Dark Fire, in itself, is truly the opposite of The Fire Eternal. While The Fire Eternal is the auma of the universe, and representative of creativity, Dark Fire is a collaboration of anything negative: thoughts, feelings, etc. When the Ix, for instance, want to make Dark Fire, the probe the minds of humans and collect all their negative energy. The Semi-Darklings attempt force the Pennykettle Dragons to shed their fire tears by attacking their owners in hopes of inverting the fire tears into dark fire. David Rain comes to destroy the dark fire as G'Oral told him to ,but David wanted to save Gwillians tear so he tried to turn it back into his tear but instead the fire went into Liz and her unborn baby.

Dark Fire teleports out tof Liz and goes to scuffenbury hill and into the unicorn who plunges itself into the fire eternal sucsesfully creating and inversion. They try to make dark fire early in time too. In the fire ascending they try to make Galens tear into dark fire. They also sucseed on the second time bu they do not make darkfire, instead a full darkling. They have a second inversion turning Gawain black. In they end however the polar bears and arctic come and they defeat the darklings and Ix. And dark fire is destroyed.

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