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The Fain are a transdimensional race from a separate universe. They are creatures from long ago, who revered dragons (especially Godith). The Fain intended to colonize Earth many years ago, but something caused a rift in space to appear and drag back most of the creatures, leaving only a few behind. Gwilanna was one such straggler.

The Fain are often referred to as 'thought forms'. There are several different types of Fain, including the Ix, who are the very murderous and want to exterminate all dragons. They recently attempted to raise an anti-dragon,or darkling, using dark fire, to eliminate the dragons and most humans. The humans they want to leave alive will be controlled by them. Some well-known Fain include: The Fain who inhabited Arthur, the Fain who commingled with Bonnington, and the Ix:risor who possessed Lucy. The are first introduced to the series in Fire Star and are also the main antagonist in The Fire Eternal. Also, it is known that one particular Ix:risor was killed by David (who is also a Fain) at the end of Fire Star. In Fire World, they are referred to as the "Higher" who rule and protect Co:pern:ica from the librarium above the aerie.