In Fire World, there are only two animals on Co:pern:ica, apart from humans: katts and firebirds. Firebirds are like phoenixes but with multicolor plumage. For example, Aurielle is mostly cream but has apricot colored ear tufts. Azkiar is mostly red with purple frills on his neck. However, if the Ix are controlling them, they change colour. A lot of firebirds live in the Bushley Librarium. Later in Fire World, all the firebirds turn into dragonish creatures, called Dragonetts. Firebirds can breath fire and can get rid of portals. They are agents of The Higher (the Fain) and are the guardians of time and the tapestry of Isenfier. Firebirds have "A" before their name; possibly a reference to the dragons' "G".