G'reth is a wishing dragon that has the ability to grant wishes to his owner as long as they are not selfish and are beneficial to dragons if they place their thumbs in its open, wide paw. He granted one wish to Lucy because she was the maker and many to David, who is his owner since he named G'reth after the name came to him in the form of Zookie writing it on his pad in David's mind. Because Lucy was only an amateur at dragon molding, nobody actually expected G'reth to come to life. Lucy then gives her wishing dragon to David, who names him G'reth. He is one of David's four special dragons, the others being Gadzooks "Zookie" , "Golly" and Groyne. He first grants the wish of snow to [[Lucy] , which she wished for because the dragons love snow, and then grants David's powerful wish of knowing the secret of Gawain's Fire Tear, which also summoned Gwilanna. G'reth traveled through dimensions after inhaling the fire with Gretel's potion in Fire Star. While traveling through space, he meets a young Fain and commingles with it, and it is suggested he knows more of the universe than anyone, possibly even Arthur thanks to the Fain, except perhaps David, who is stated to be a Fain. G'reth may be the most powerful dragon, his brothers Zookie and Golly are very loving and helpful with him. In Fire World, he is not present but In The Fire Ascending, Agawian brings him back and he merges with the other dragons. He also brings back the Arctic and bears.