Gawain's Fire Tear is exactly the same as all the other Pennykettle dragon's, except that he shed his tear when he died, not when he was emotionally rejected. It is said that Guinevere caught his fire, which was his dragon essence. However, since the tear's power was so incredibly extreme, she was forced to drop it into a hollowed-out bone at her feet. Since Gawain's tear did not return to the clay and Mother Earth, from whence he had come, he turned to stone and formed the island known as the Tooth of Ragnar.

As Guinevere tried and failed to reverse this process, the seas went crazy and she was saved only by a bear called Thoran. It is said that while they never made it to land, Thoran instead swam to the "center of the stars", where Guinevere dropped the tear into the sea and it formed the polar ice cap, the Arctic.

Much later on, a young Liz Pennykettle came to Norway and was playing. Then her hat blew away. Her hat was retrived by a man, possibly Bergstrom,and the hat had a snowball in it. He said something along the lines of "this snowball is very special" and" It will never melt in your hands. The snowball was taken from where the fire tear fell, and Liz uses it to make her special dragons even more special.