Gawain the Clay Figure is one of two of Elizabeth Pennykettle's special dragons. He is described to be very fierce looking. He is named after Gawain. David thought that he was modeled after Lucy's father at first, but when he looked into him, he could not find any humans. In The Fire Within, Gawain was accidentally smashed by Lucy although Lucy claims in The Fire Eternal that David smashed him. Her mother Liz repaired him and made him look "fiercer than ever". He however, is rarely mentioned or shown as animated, nor does he appear to have any special abilities exept from kilning dragons and therefore his role in the novels seems minimal. Gawain, named after the last dragon, is one of the most respected and mysterious of all the Pennykettle dragons. He and Guinevere are the two dragons who kiln each new dragon. He was present at Gwilanna and Elizabeth's death.