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Gawaine is the mother of Gawain, the queen of dragons and one of the last 12 dragons. Before she was revived in Dark Fire, she lay in stasis under the Glissington Tor. She was in search of the unicorn Teramelle to help cure her, as she was about to give birth and was heavily injured. The strength she had left she put into bearing her eggs. Laying the eggs weakened her more, forcing her to enter stasis to prevent her death. One of the eggs was entrusted to the eagle Gideon and the other to the red-headed girl who cared for Teramelle. Gideon escaped with his egg to the ice lands, but the girl was murdered by a sibyl.The sibyl, dressed in the likeness of the girl, broke the second egg in sight of Gawaine and blinded her in one eye with the red-headed girl's poisioned tears . Distraught, she lay down to die, but was kept alive in stasis by the unicorn, who did likewise. The unicorn made the Scuffenbury Horse. The horse was acatually a unicorn, but its horn had been hidden by stones.

Gawaine is revived when when Lucy, as one of Guinevere's descendants, sings whilst in contact with the dragon. After the Tor was blown apart, the dragon, seeing Lucy, remembered that the sibyl destroyed her egg and started attacking her.

Gawaine had darker green scales than her son Gawain and her eye is not functioning properly. Lucy thought she may  had a problem with her fire tear. She makes her first and last apperance in Darkfire.