Gawaine was the mother of Gawain (The dragon that Liz and Lucy Pennykettle believe in) She was the one trusted to ingest the mixture of fire tears and lure the Ix into her and plunge herself into the fire eternal. She failed in her task and fled to Scruffenbury where the unicorn Teramelle tried to heal her. she was heavily pregnant at this point and did not have the strengh to raise her young so she entrusted one egg (Gawain) to and eagle and the other to a human colony. One egg got destroyed by a woman in the guise of a red haired girl.

Gawaine put herself into an induced statsis for her fire tear to regenerate. Later the unicorn and Lucy wake her up. Gawaine remembering about the smashed egg tries to attack Lucy because she's a red headed girl. But she smells her son Gawain on her and stoppes aiding the Pennykettles in battle Ginsted the Ix.