Art by Hrrdragons99

Golly is a natural healing dragon made entirely by David Rain under orders from G'reth after he returned from the world of the Fain. Golly was made without icefire. He was named by accident and is the first dragon to have a first and last name. He is and unofficial partner to Gwillan as well, as in "The Fire Eternal", near the beginning of the story, Gwillan comes to Gollygosh before any other Pennykettle dragon when he sees something that slightly disturbs him. Gwillan thinks of Golly as a kindred spririt, Gwillan cleans, and Golly fixes. It also states that both Gwillan and Golly are an "unofficial team", hinting that they are rather close friends, but this is not true. Gretel also seems to be particularly interested in the natural healing dragon, as stated in "Fire Star" "...The little puffler zipped away down the hall and was back in twenty seconds, with Gollygosh and Gretel (who had not left Golly's side since the day he had been kilned)...".


his scales are silver-blue and his wings are completly translucent. He has blue eyes that turn to violet. He has a toolbox in his hand, which he uses to fix anything mechanical, such as a toaster, the first thing he fixed. His toolbox can also gives him anything he wants that doesn't have to do with mechanics or healing.

When he was firsty kilned, and fixed the toaster Liz claimed: "Oh David," David thought he had done something wrong then Liz said: "You've made a natural healing dragon!!!"

Also, when David originally molded him, he had no eyes and his toolbox was a sphere.Plus he helped revive Grockle(the dragon with no fire).

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