"I remember the day I made her (Grace) first, I couldn't understand why. I'd already made the listener on the fridge. But she was content to sit and meditate in the den, as they sometimes do. I knew she was waiting for someone special. -Liz, in dark fire.

Grace is a listening dragon made by Liz originally for Sophie Prentice. Grace was left in David Rain's care when Sophie left to Africa. In Icefire, Grace helped stopped Gwilanna when she overheard the password to the suitcase containing Gawain's Scale while hiding in the back of the closet where David put her in a hurry while moving out. Gretel discovered Grace in the closet when she heard her scales rattling in fear. Grace's ears were snapped off by David when he pretended to swear allegiance to Gwilanna's cause. She was repaired by Liz and taken to Kenya, Africa. In Dark Fire, Sophie was murdered in an attempt to force Grace's fire tear to invert. However, Groyne caught the tear first, and it was prevented from touching the ground. Groyne is sent to guard and watch over Grace, however he fails in this aspect as Gwillan steals her auma, forcing Grace to adopt a permanantly solid state.