Gruffen is a guard dragon . He guards the Dragons' Den by heating the doorknob when David tries to turn it. Gruffen is presumably the first dragon that causes David to start wondering if the clay dragons are actually real.

Japanese illustration of Gruffen and his book.

Later on, Gruffen guards the front door, and later in The Fire Eternal he guards David's Flame in The Healing Touch, following Zanna's orders. He is considered one of the most powerful dragons in the house, but he is not closely involved as Gadzooks and even Gretel are. In Dark Fire and Fire World his role is minimal but in The Fire Ascending he merges with the other dragons. This is his last apperence.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Gruffen swells in size in order to guard efficently, and he is also the keeper of The Book of Dragon Procedures. All names must be approved by Gruffen and anything else relating to Dragons. This book was a great tool when Gruffen, or any of the other dragons, needed guidence. The book was made by Liz and possibly written by her also, as one of the rules is to "Ask the Liz." He also has the power to grow three times his size if someone tries to break in the dragons den to cause trouble.

Dragons of Wayward Crescent Edit

Gruffen stars in the first book in The Dragons of Wayward Crescent Series, Gruffen. When Lucy complains that their is a monster under her bed, Liz decides to make a guard dragon, Gruffen. It was released in March 2009.