Gruffen is the first book in Chris D'Lacey's The Dragons of Wayward Crescent Series. It is set to be relased on March 5, 2009 possibly only in the UK.

Summary of PlotEdit

When Lucy Pennykettle suspects there's a monster in her bedroom, her mum knows exactly what to do. A new dragon is born - Gruffen the guard dragon When Lucy Pennykettle is convinced a monster is lurking in her room at night, there is only one solution. Lucy's mother, Liz, mixes a bit of magic and a little clay to create Gruffen, a miniature dragon that comes to life. As Gruffen guards Lucy's room, he discovers that the monster is actually a bat named Hattie whose home has been boarded off by Lucy's neighbor, mean old Henry Bacon. By becoming friends, Gruffen and Hattie work together to outsmart Henry Bacon and find Hattie a new home for her batlings.. But can Gruffen discover the mystery behind the monster?

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Adam Stower will illustrate Gruffen and drew the cover art despite Angelo Rinaldi's work on The Last Dragon Chronicles.


This book takes place when Lucy is only nine.

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