This article is about the human. For the dragon, see Gwendolen (Figure). For the legend featuring Gwendolen, see The Legend of Gawain and Guinevere.

Background Edit

Gwendolen is the daughter of the sibyl Gwilanna. She was created from clay, a lock of Guinevere's hair and the blood of Gwilanna's womb. Liz described her as being a 'hybrid'. Gwilanna intended to trade her to Guinevere for one of Gawain's scales. This is found in Fire Star. She also says that she taught Gwendolen everything she knew. She hates bears because Gwendolen turned to them when she ran away. but when Guinevere refused to give her the fire tear (which she wanted), she caused many natural disasters. For the full story of this situation, see The Legend of Gawain and Guinevere.

Outcome of Gwendolen Edit

In Fire Star we find out that Gwilanna taught her many things, such as magics. When she grew old enough, Gwendolen ran away to live with the Inuit, and married an Inuit man. She had six children and one of her sons had a child. Zanna is said to be from her line. Gwendolen died with a polar bear guarding her body in the back of the cave in The Tooth of Ragnar that Gwilanna lives in. How she arrived here is unknown.