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Gwillan is a puffler that helps Elizabeth Pennykettle around the house. He is one of Liz's three special dragons - the others being Guinevere and Gawain. Gwillan fetches the post, warms tea, dusts, feeds the cat and generally helps around the house. He considers himself quite low down in the pecking order and leaves the workings of the universe to G'reth, Gadzooks and Gretel. In The Fire Eternal, the method of a puffler is further explained; a puffler dragon breathes in dust and burns dirt to ashes, then breathes in the ashes. A puffler deposits the ashes outside, and Gwillan does this into a potted plant.

In The Fire Eternal, Gwillan catches Gwendolen stealing some of Zanna's private documents.

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Near the end of The Fire Eternal, Liz is stabbed by Lucy, who is at that time possessed by one of the Ix. Liz lies on the ground, unconscious. At this moment Gwillan sees her and thinks she is dead, and sheds his Fire Tear. In David's conversation with Liz at the end of The Fire Eternal, it is hinted that David will bring Gwillan back to life.

In Dark Fire, Gwillan's fire tear is trapped in a block of obsidian and is turned into dark fire. Lucy has a nightmare while staying at a bed and breakfast, and a cat (that later turns out to be another descendant of Guinevere and Gawain) drops one of the mutant raven flock with Gwillan's face. Gwillan is later controlled by Liz's unborn child, and can teleport at the end of the book. This is because he sapped the auma of many Pennykettle dragons, including Grace and Groyne. Therefore he could pick up Lucy's SOS, and warp to her. He turned a Darkling into a dragon.

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