On Co:pern:icaEdit


It is known that the entire world of Co:pern:ica was imagineered by the Fain. However, evidence shows that the people of Co:pern:ica have not always been able to imagineer. When they found it was possible, however, it led to The Great Re:duction


Things that are imagineered are called 'Constructs'. Even children are made via this method. It is so common that the the verb 'make' has become archaic. Constructs have the same properties as the thing in question would if it was created 'naturaly'. Everyone has the ability to imagineer and the only limits are the power of their fain and the 'Stencillia' of the Higher. However, very few people wish to challenge it as this will result in banishment to the Dead Lands or even de:construction.

The Grand DesignEdit

Regulated by the Higher, this is the term used to describe all that it is permitted to imagineer. Thing may be allowed, but limited, for example fungi (though not to the Aunts).


It is unclear whether this is a crime or a medical definition, but seeing as people are imagineered it is may be both. It is the state of imagineering outside of the Grand Design, normally unconsciously. There is no cure, but the ec:centric may be either banished to the dead lands (as with family of Aunt Gwyneth), treated in an Auma Therapy Center (a continuation of the diagnosal process) taken into a separate constructed 'world' or other neutral environment (as with David Merriman) or, in the most severe cases De:constructed (only on the recommendation of the appointed Counselor). The only named Ec:centric is David.

On EarthEdit

Pre-Guinevere's timeEdit

It is assumed that the only people who could imageneer were sybils but it could be possible that the commingled human and fain could before they turned to Ix.

Guinevere's timeEdit

When Agawin accidentally traveled back in time he learned that people could imageneer. During his visit Guinevere imageneers a pen for goats and he learns about imageneering.


Only on Co:pern:ica people can imageneer and in the changed timeline they can imageneer too. It is unknown if in the new time line the can imageneer.

A Note on Ki:meraEdit

If you can enter Ki:mera then Fain may teach you to imageneer and it is possible to imageneer inside Ki:mera.

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