Ingavar is a young polar bear and a distant son of Ragnar who first appears in Fire Star. He is headstrong and acts before thinking. Ingavar has been shot in the shoulder, and revived by the sibyl, Gwillanna. Of course, to be healed, he must give back to Gwillanna. Gwillanna asks him to go into Chamberlain, land of men. Ingavar is to kill a man called David, and steal the sacred Tooth of Ragnar from David's corpse. And if he can, he is to touch a girl called Zanna on her arm. On the Mark of Oomara, a wound Gwillanna had given Zanna in a fight.

  Ingavar completed the task, along with an older, wiser bear called Thoran. Ingavar, being the arrogant, cocky bear that he is, felt Thoran an inferior nusience, preaching the ways of the stars and spirits.

  Ingavar was present at the sinking of the island, the Tooth of Ragnar, and the "death" of David Rain. Grockle, the hybrid dragon child of Zanna and Gawain, grew angry with Ingavar. He scorched him, at around the same time the Ix killed David. The two's auma merged together and followed Grockle through the opened portal and into the world of the Fain.

   As the Pennykettles mourned over David, Ingavar returned to the North, fused with David and with the power of the Fire Eternal. He began to seek out a bear called Avrel, a son of Lorel, and a teller. Avrel did not understand all of Ingavar's strange ways, but committed himself to Ingavar all the same. Ingavar and Avrel traveled to a fighting bear, a son of Ragnar, called Kailar. They found him nearly dead, laying on the ice, covered in the worst kind of poison: oil. Ingavar cleansed Kailar of his curse, in return for Kailar's undying loyalty.

    The three bears hiked to the ocean where Ingavar transformed into an Inuit man, Oomara. He called forth the sea goddess, Sedna. Sedna was a diva. Ingavar brushed out her hair, pleasing her greatly. He said he could get her fingers to replace the ones her father had cruelly taken from her. All he required in required in return was the eye of Gawain.

Sedna agreed, and returned shortly after with the stone eye in a pouch made of vegetation

In Dark Fire Ingavar makes no apperence but near the end in Fire World David turns into Ingavar for the final time.

Ingavar made his last apperence in Fire World.

In The Fire Ascending Ingavar last appears attacking wolfs that were brainwashed by Ix