Ki:mera is the homeworld of the Fain made on the plane of thought. In Fire Star Grockle as well as David and Ingavar are taken to Ki:mera and they are illuminated. In Dark Fire Ki:mera is mentioned several times and David states that the polar bears migrated to Ki:mera and are in statis there. He also wanted to take the dark fire and Liz to Ki:mera to be watched over but Zanna refused. There may be a portal in the Arctic since the dragons had to get there.

In Fire World there is a direct gateway to Ki:mera and Earth through the Librarium. The dome on top houses a colony of Fain. In The Fire Ascending Agwain sees Ki:mera throught the listener and the Pennykettles fridge. Ki:mera has canged since the bears, they learned to imageneer and they created a ice feild for Ki:mera. Avrel is the first to learn. The bears decend from Ki:mera and it is unknown if the Ix or Fain survived. Ki:mera is most likley the opposite of the unknown Ix homeland.