This article is about the mark itself. For the man Oomara, see Oomara. For the legend, see The Legend of Oomara.

This is a mark first inflicted on a polar bear cub killed by a man named Oomara. It's three deep gashes. Gwilanna inflicted Oomara to kill this bear, and uses this mark to symbolize her presence or magic. It appears numerous times throughout the Series. Gwilanna scarred Zanna's arm with this mark in Icefire, possibly giving her access to her sybil powers, and an unnamed dragon found on a cave drawing also exhibits the Mark of Oomara. The Mark of Oomara is also found at the end of David's name when he signs the Apple Tree Publishing contract in Icefire. As well as being on Ingavar's forehead in Fire Star. Also appears in Fire Eternal when Zanna gives the mark of Oomara to Tam Farrell on his heart for using her to get information on David.