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Snigger an the Nutbeast is David Rain's first published book. Written for Lucy Pennykettle, his landlady's daughter, the story follows that of Snigger the squirrell and his friends, and their adventures with a creature that steals their nuts, the Nutbeast. In the story, Snigger tries to help Conker cope with his missing eye. Birchwood is also in the book, starring as Conker`s father(David decided that because in the library gardens, he helps Conker by not letting other squirrels take his acorns). In the end of the story, Conker dies(he put that part in because it was based on the real Conker in The Fire Within).

In Fireworld the book exists in Co:pern:ica. It can be found in the Bushley Librarium and is of critical importance. Taking it out of the shelf triggered the transformation of the Librarium into the Ark. Also Alexa (or 'Angel' as she is known to Co:pern:icans) gets David to read it to her, which may have helped him atain the awarness of the Nexus he showed in The Fire Ascending as it was written by his 'parellel'.