Tam Farrell is a writer for the newspaper The National Endeavor. His first appearance is in the book The Fire Eternal, where he is trying to get information on David Rain. He contacts Lucy Pennykettle, mostly via email - his address is - and Lucy, who is desperate to 'wake the world up' about David, gives Tam subtle information. She sends him to Suzanna Martindale's shop, where he tries to get information by hitting on Zanna and even buying a dragon.

When Zanna finds out that Tam is planning to write about David, she is outraged and has Gretel, the potions dragon, use a spell to make Tam forget everything about them, but only after Zanna puts The Mark of Oomara over Tam's heart

Eventually Lucy, with the help of her special dragon Gwendolen , re-awakens Tam's memories and persuades him to take her to David's old house, #4 Thoushall Road, Blackburn, which is revealed to be nothing more than a time rift. Lucy is taken through and transported to Farlowe Island, and Tam follows her. The two share a kiss on the island, and Tam is sent two flakes of snow in the shape of polar bears. A few weeks later, Tam tries to persuade Lucy to forgive him.

At the beginning of The Fire Eternal, Tam is described as having black hair and blue eyes. He is said to be twenty-five and very gifted at poetry. However, when Tam returns to the Pennykettle household at the end of the book, having 'traveled from farther than Lancashire', his eyes have changed to brown. This suggests that he has been to the Arctic and seen David, in his new bear-human-Fain form.