The Dragons of Wayward Crescent is a series of books written by Chris D'Lacey that is based off the life of the dragons in the popular The Last Dragon Chronicles.

Books in the Series Edit

There are currently four books in the series, but only two have been published as yet.

They Include:

  • Gruffen - the story of everybody's favorite guard dragon
  • Gauge - a dragon who tells the time and is the most accurate clock in the house
  • Glade - possibly the same Glade as featured in Dark Fire
  • Grabber - said to be a "villian" (from Chris' journal)


They're charming and friendly, magical and mysterious...The Dragons of Wayward Crescent

Release Dates Edit

  • Gruffen - March 5, 2009(*)
  • Gauge - July 2, 2009(*)
  • Glade - October 2009
  • Grabber - January 2010

As released in Chris' Journal.
(*)These dates are known from the release of the covers of the books. These are most probably the UK release dates.

Illustration Edit

The books will include inside and cover art of the Dragons, Liz, and Lucy by Adam Stower.