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Overview Edit

The Fire Within is the first book in Chris D'Lacey's fantasy series, The Last Dragon Chronicles. It follows the adventures of university student David Rain when he applies to rent out a room in the house of the eccentric and mysterious Liz and Lucy Pennykettle.

Plot Summary Edit

Liz and her daughter, Lucy, share the house with their cat, Bonnington, and a number of clay dragon sculptures that Liz makes for a living. The dragons' names all begin with the letter "G". Liz's "special" dragon is called Guinevere, while Lucy's two dragons are called Gwendolen (which she pronounces Gawendolen) and Gawain.

The dragons are revealed to be more than meets the eye when Liz crafts David his own dragon, Gadzooks. David doesn't immediately take a liking to his dragon but is shocked when he begins to receive visions, almost telepathic, from Gadzooks, depicting the dragon writing words in his notebook. And then, he finds out who the messages are coming from. They are being sent by the dragons, who are coming to life,which leads to the next book in the series, Icefire.

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