Background Edit

The Legend of Godith and the Creation of the Universe is not told but only hinted to before page 413 of Fire Star, in the chapter titled "Asleep in the Folly, 2 a.m." The story is not told from the point of view of any character, but is the dream of Arthur.

Arthur's Dream Edit

In the beginning was the auma, and the auma was all there was.

All things were visible then.

There was no future. There was no past. There was only the now.

And the auma was the now.

For an unknown time, in an unknown space, the auma existed as a pure white fire.

And time began.

The auma reached out, filling no space, for there was no space for the auma to fill. But in time, it reached out to such an extent that holes appeared in its innermost structure.

Into the holes came a new energy, darkness.

And a binding force which the auma knew as G'ravity.

With G'ravity, the auma reshaped itself, folding in, billowing out, making nothing at first but ripples and contours and patterns of light.

Thus it explored the nature of Geometry, finding stability in aspect and symmetry and ratio and mass.

And in time, the auma gained in mass and, gathering itself, assumed a figure.

And the figure it assumed was a perfect winged creature.

And the creature was a dragon.

And her name was Godith.

By now, darkness was all around. Godith spread her wings far into the void and knew she could no longer touch her own eternity.

So she desired to replicate herself, to reclaim the space she alone had created.

She turned inward, then, to the fire within, and in one immeasurable instant of time, she opened her mouth and spoke the first word: Hrrr.

And the word flew out to every corner of the universe.

And this is how the world began.