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The Legend of Oomara is not entirely told until page 150 of Fire Star, when Zanna tells Tootega the story while they are riding in his pickup truck to release Ingavar.

The Legend As Told By ZannaEdit

In a small Inuit settlement called Savalik, somwhere in the Canadian High Artic, a hunter named Oomara returns from a hunting trip empty-handed to find his ten-year-old son dead from starvation. Oomara builds a ceremonial shrine and lays his child onto wrapped in furs. Some time later, a polar bear cub finds the dead child and begins to devour him, because the cub is starving. Oomara finds this, and goes to the shaman of the settlement, Gwilanna. Gwilanna tells him, "Kill the cub. Take back what the bears have taken from you." Oomara is afriad because bears rule the ice and are powerful, so he asks the shaman how he should kill the cub without bringing the soul of the bear into his house. Gwilanna tells him, "Take a bone of your dead son's body and strike the bear cub once in the forehead."

Oomara takes a bone from his son's shrine, and hunts down the cub. He kills it with a single blow in the head, leaving a mark of three deep gashes, The Mark of Oomara.