Thistle Bunton is Zannas best friend.she is mentioned In icefire when David says"those two girls,i think there names are Zanna and Thistle." and soon joins the gang Firestar.Thistle is a very,trustafarian character,loves animals and is mostly into punk DarkFire, Thistle gives birth to a baby girl and names her Mimilanna,but for short,just Mimi.David worrys about Thistle and how she is going to cope in her new life,after her relationship with Davids best friend,Zakk.

She is part healing Dragon,and dreams of gawain,flying in the moonlight.She was born in Ipswich,and lived there until her parents died and she moved to scrubbley with her boyfriend.She was named Thistle because of her sharp smile and act.her family are apart,her only member from the Bunton family left is her sister Ania.