Tootega is the Inuit guide for David and Zanna's field trip to the Arctic in Fire Star. He speaks in broken English (something which Zanna makes fun of) and has a fleet of huskies. Tootega is capable of understanding dragontongue, which is actually an Inuit language, though he is surprised at Zanna's understanding and animalistic accent. He also knows a lot about Inuit beliefs and is highly superstitious, being suspicious and fearful about Zanna because of her mark and the way a raven (Gwilanna in a different form) follows her.

His body was killed during a fight against the evil Fain at the end of Fire Star, but the evil Fain took over his body and used that form to kill David with a shard of ice, which was actually Gawain's Fire Tear.

His name is taken from Tootega, one of the Inuit goddesses, who has the ability to walk on water.